Day 17 - Save Soil

Days 15-16-17 – Mooning silence

As you already noticed, there have been some days since I did not write any post. This is because I was living those days of reconnection with Mother Nature.
We, women, have this blessed gift to receive one of Nature’s most precious gifts, the gift of creating life. For some women and men too, this is a curse. For others, it is a joy, a moment of silence, a moment of coming back to this fantastic place that gives life and receives also death.
It’s the start and the ending at the same time.

For some years now, every drop I receive monthly, I offer it back to Her, to transform, to purify, to create what She considers is needed in this world.
This is another way we, women, can do something for our soil. All the minerals, all the amazing substances that can sustain life can come back to Her and this will bring, inevitably healing on all levels.

I will be in slow motion these days and it feels so natural!

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