Day 14 -Sadhguru in Bucharest

Day 14 – Sadhguru – LIVE in BUCHAREST on April 21st

I have a good news and a great news.
The good news is that Sadhguru will be LIVE in Bucharest on April 21st.
The great news is that the event is already at full capacity. This shows that my Romanian fellows are interested in what Sadhguru has to say regarding the health of the soil, our Mother Nature. I really hope that every person that will be at Arenele Romane on April 21st will actually do something for the soil.

I was born in Medgidia and I lived for the first 18 years of my life in Valea Dacilor, a small village close to the town of Medgidia. My parents decided to take on their life the unknown way. The quit their jobs and become entrepreneurs in the first months of 1990, right after the Revolution from December 1989.
My father was born in a family with a tradition in farming. I remember that in the spring of 1990, when I was only 8 years old, he initiated a gathering of few men from the village and started an association which purpose was to regain back the lands taken by the communists and to start cultivating them in a conscious way.
It was a long process which finally end up with just a part of the land back and my father full of frustrations. He decided that he will go further on his own.

Another memory I have is that on another summer he carried at the land all the natural fertilizer from the animals raised in the farm during the winter months. It was supposed to be used on the land he was cultivating. He carried the fertilizer the entire day from 4:00 AM until late at night. He was carrying it by his small tractor bought on May 1990 with money from a loan. He was supposed to go at the land on the next day to scatter it. But someone full of good intentions decided that it is better to put on fire the whole fertilizer during that night. I remember how sad and angry in the same time he was that day and many more after this event.

My father with Horia driving his first tractor from 1990, still working in 2020!

My father is a strong man. He was a person way beyond his time. After reading an incredible Romanian novel named “Moromeții” I saw my father as another Ilie Moromete, the main male character of this amazing novel. My father is still one of the two persons from Medgidia who buy “România Liberă” (“Free Romania”) newspaper.

Unfortunately the lessons learned from my grandfather and from his own experience can not be used anymore. The Government and many other institutes destroyed the Romanian soil with their bad decisions taken in all these 33 years after The Revolution. I am sorry to see how things end up for the normal rural people and how soils are exploited nowadays.

There are things that can be done. And we can undo some of them. We just need to join our forces and act!
This day, April 21st when Sadhguru will be in Bucharest is one of the things that can change the bad treatment of the soil in our country.
Acting, talking and writing about soil are also important things.
Let’s make it happen!
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