Day 13 - Save Soil

Day 12 – A Gathering of the Tribe

A self-explanatory video, both in English and Romanian about the times, in which we live now! Let’s gather in more and more tribes, wherever we feel the calling of Mother Nature. Let’s make it happen!

A Gathering of the Tribe

I felt many times I am alone. But, through time, I became more and more aware that I am not actually alone. I have hundreds and hundreds of old and wise elders, I have many people I already met in this life that can share their wisdom, I have a few friends that share the same values, same visions, and same actions without judging as I do.
And only for these hands of people and the new to come and live here I feel to do something more.
Let’s gather! Let’s make it happen!

Adunarea Tribului și Recunoașterea Acestuia

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