Day 8 - Save Soil movement

Day 8 – Montessori education day by day

We are a family which found out about Maria’s Montessori incredible work in the first year of our life as parents, more than 12 years ago. We were really intrigued by the philosophy and the educational method she created more than 100 years ago.
Her approach focuses on independence, hands-on learning and a thoughtfully prepared environment that allows the child to grow in all the main developmental areas.
There are many principles of Montessori education, but the most important are these:

7 most important Montessori principles

We loved them from the beginning so, all our children are imersed in this environment.
Maria’s Montessori desire to taught the children to live in harmony with the Earth was powerful so, in every kindergarden and school in which our children were they had access to a garden in which they became earth buddies. And they loved it then as they love it now as you could see few days ago Horia planting pineapples.
I will also show you how we are creating this type of environment at home for Darie, using also learning resources as my own recipe book 😉
We action as you can for #JourneyForSoil – #SaveSoil – #EarthBuddy – #ConsciousPlanet with #Sadhguru!

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