Day 7- Save Soil movement


This INCREDIPIZZA is a gluten-free, plant-based healthy, no-dairy cheese pizza. I thought to offer it to you just to see usual and normal things out of the box.
Of course, after seeing this you have multiple options:

  • this is disgusting, no way I am eating this, YUK!
  • hmmm…really, it really looks like a pizza, maybe I will try it. But wait, I do not have coconut meat, nor deshidrater, nor sun-dried tomatoes, nor cashew and so on. Com’on, I will order one from the Tony’s Pizza around the corner!
  • this can be a real challenge for any chef. Deep frying is peanuts, making an INCREDIPIZZA, gluten-free, plant-based, no-dairy, raw vegan is the THING! I’m in! Let’s get started!
  • I really doubt about the results, but I am pretty curious, so I’m in!
  • So yummy. Tomorrow I will try it!

What would be your choice?
I am still on this 100-days #JourneyForSoil as an #EarthBuddy just to #SaveSoil together with Master #Sadhguru and all of you who joined or will join the team!

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