Day 9-Save soil movement

Day 9 – The Need to GROW

This movie, The need to GROW is another MUST-see BEST documentary that won several awards in film festivals!
Also, I find the title, “The Need to GROW“, a powerful tool to remind myself that inside my body, my Earth body, and my consciousness, is an urge to GROW! Most of the time this means stepping out of the crowd. I know that might be dangers, threats, fear, and lack of comfort. At the same time, I feel that I need to do it, I need to GROW so my children see, learn, and understand that GROWING is the only way of living fully.

Taking full responsibility for their education is huge. I also see it as a one-way road. You can go only forward, no turning back, no stopping, just going forward, without any certainties.
What actually is certain here is that it is a Journey for all of us and we continually adapt to what we feel is needed.
There are times in which we:

  • struggle.
  • enjoy it to the maximum!
  • got tired of being quite alone and we don’t want it anymore.
  • get help from others around us, like friends and family.
  • are judged and blamed for our “irresponsibility” in getting out of the crowd.
  • are totally “lost”.
  • are afraid of the unknown.
  • lose some friends and we get new ones.
  • doubt our decisions but, still, we continue.
  • can not wait for the next adventure.

One thing is sure. We are not easy people, none of us five, not even for our own families or friends.

Still, we are what we are and if there is something GREAT in all this Journey of Life is our own community. Inside this amazing community, we have limits, we learn how to create strong relationships between ourselves, and we help and support each other in difficult times.

This TOGETHER and This Need to GROW are the fundaments of who we are! And we will just continue, that’s for sure!

Now, enjoy the trailer and watch the movie!

These days we are all in this #JourneyForSoil to #SaveSoil for a #ConsciousPlanet with Master #Sadhguru
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