Day 4 - Save Soil movement

Day 4 – Let’s “Kiss the Ground”

This is a reality, not a possibility! We have enough food right now to feed the world. But is it enough for the next generations?

I remembered when we, Dobreștii were still in Romania, in 2019, listening to the news about the fires in Brazil, the country where we were planning to go and give birth to our third child. Nadia, Horia, and their friend, Thea were all frightened about what will happen with themselves, with us, the parents, with the forests, with the planet.
After a few days, I realized I need to talk to them and show them ways they can contribute to somehow balance what is happening somewhere else on the planet. So, we started to talk about small things every person can do in their environment, things like:

  • transforming any organic product into compost. This can be done just by having in the garden a small hole in the soil where one can put in layers the organic leftovers and cut grass or leaves;
  • eating mostly a plant-based diet;
  • saving water while they shampoo the hair or wash their teeth daily;
  • keeping seeds and plant them in any place available, even if it is their garden or their grandparents’ garden;
  • reciclying paper, metals, plastic, glass in their own home;
  • using every time as less resources as possible;
  • biking, walking, running more and driving less;
  • getting in contact with NGOs that are regularly planting trees in different areas in need;
  • reinventing fashion with smaller clothes from the wardrobe;
  • honering every day Mother Nature and her gifts offered to us.

Let’s show our kids that each of us can do something to change things from becoming Big Drama!
#ConciousPlanet – #SaveSoil – #JourneyforSoil

In the image, Pedro is with our “compostera” here in Brazil. Isn’t he looking amazing with all the green around him?

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