Day 6 – The 30-days plant-based diet challenge

One of the things we can do for our soil is to have mostly a plant-based diet.
Who’s in? At the end of this 30-days plant-based diet challenge, I would love to have an interview with one of you debating the theme.

Since 2010, thanks to my unborn little daughter I started to pay more attention to the food I eat. Until that moment I had no education regarding this, except for some observations I made within my original family. But being responsible for another’s life is a BIG deal, a real BIG deal from my perspective.
So, I took it pretty seriously and I started to pay more attention to what I and my partner are eating, how fast, and how much. We also started to be more aware of the sources.
This was actually the new beginning of our Journey. This is a journey for healthy children, healthy parents, for a better life for the environment.
Long story short, during my first pregnancy I decided to go mostly on a plant-based diet. Everyone around me had at least an opinion about that. But I continued and “surprise”: I was feeling better. I got also involved in pretty intense activities and projects including running marathons.
Thanks to this experience, in 2011 I created is the first Romanian community of parents interested in a healthy diet.

I am working as a certified IBCLC Lactation Consultant and Plant-Based Nutritionist. I continue with the same enthusiasm sharing with other people the benefits of a plant-based diet, no matter the age.

If you got to this point reading my post you might ask yourself if I just want to write my resume or do I have a point? Yes, I do have a point. This is: a mostly plant-based diet makes a difference to this world, to our soil. These days, in most parts of the globe, we are eating way too much that our bodies actually need. But we continue doing it because of the environment around us, because of habits, because of the fear taking a different path, because of the unknown, because of social pressure, because of the aggressive marketing of food industries, ignorance, because not questioning our decisions, and because of another million reasons…

The subject of what healthy means is very controversial nowadays. I am more than happy to share arguments and have conversations with every one of you who lifted an eyebrow.

I challenge you to a 30-days plant-based diet. See for yourself how you feel within your body, how emotions change. Notice if your relationships with other persons, with animals, with plants, with soil, with life in general change.

Here are two photos to see the differences!

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