Day 5 - save soil movement

Day 5 – Soil meditation @ Sadhguru

TIME is the only resource shared equally among all the 7,937,865,515 (at the moment I wrote this post according to Worldometers) people on Earth no matter their status, wealth, age, or any other thing!
So, it is only up to each of us in which we decide to invest each minute, hour, day, and year of our life.
Today I will share with you a powerful meditation, 10-minute practice you can incorporate into your daily routine for at least two reasons:

  • a strong and healthy body
  • another action you take for our Soil, Mama Nature as Nadia named it in her haiku

Do we act or do we just ignore it?
#ConciousPlanet – #Save Soil – #JourneyforSoil

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