Welcome Home!

Hi guys,

After reading all your posts regularly and wondering if anybody else does this, but still appreciating the effort you put up for us, by writing almost every day, time has come to wish you a Merry Welcome Home!

I know you had a great honey-moon and coming home to dusty Bucharest and to your daily jobs is not something you wished for but sooner or later it was bound to happen.

We just wanted to let you know that we took great care of your apartment, we organized weekly gangbangs and the walls of your little’ol’home have seen lots of naked people. We also played with all your wedding gifts and tried on all your clothes. We smoked all your plants and drank all the booze we could find. Juts a heads up, don’t expect to find any food, booze, perfumes, clean clothes, living plants or unused tampons, when you get back.

Here’s for the second honey-moon, this time spent together with us, in Bora Bora ! Here Here !

Dana & Bob

PS. We already bought the tickets for Bora Bora by renting your apartment as a B&B for foreign gypsy students.

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  • .marius , Direct link to comment

    Now that’s a cool wedding/honey-moon present… I wish I was in Bucharest during their honey moon, and help you with the task of taking care of the apartment… 😉

    Have fun in Bora Bora guys!

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