Last Tuesday and Wednesday of our wondefull honey-moon…

As my dear husband was telling you in his longest post, we did not like Rome very much. So that’s why yesterday and the day before we did not do many things. So, let me tell you what we did on Tuesday 🙂

Because the weather was not so good in the morning, we decided to go in the city and buy some stuff to eat (because we have a fridge in the room 🙂 ) and this took us almost 3 hours. After we came back and had lunch we went to the pool and laid in the sun until there was not any sun on the sky 🙂 . In the evening we were at the bar and we had one BIG (maybe 2l) jug of beer during the rugby match Scotland – Romania. And that was all for Tuesday 🙂

Now, let me talk about Wednesday 🙂

Because we had some things left to visit from Monday, we decided to go early in the morning in Rome, because at 2:00 pm we had a guest to lunch, our Romanian friend Florin. So, at 9:00 am we were already on the way to Rome ready to visit the old and very old part of the town, where all the ancient roman vestiges are. So we saw some Pyramid, near Piramide metro station, some other stones on the way to Palatino and Colosseum and of course the 2 mentioned above. They are impressive by their hugeness, but only this. They are rocks ans stones and some traces of columns from place to place. If you are in Rome, we suppose we just have to see them. The same thing as you visit Greece.
So, at 2:00 we were already back in the camping, preparing our lunch which was really good (I cooked some “ciorba” and some beans with tomatoes. Both the guys said they were good 🙂 and I believed them.) After that, we had another round of sun and pool and in the evening we went to the bar to see the football match with Steaua which unfortunately was not that lucky for us. But, this time, Florin offered us the dinner, some very good pasta with some very chili salami and calamari and mules. Thanks again Florin 🙂

So, these were our few activities for the last 2 days. Nothing interesting as I told you from the beginning 🙂

Kisses from Dobrestii

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