Two tickets to Paris, please…

Yes, now I am writing you from Paris :), our next stop in this splendid honey moon trip.

So, we arrived at the nice hostal we found on the internet (I saw that my husband updated you already about how French people understand things in English :P) and after some dinner and shower we went directly to bed because we were tired…again :), but before, we decided to get up next morning around 9 am and start our trip to visit Le Chateau de Versailles. Our plans were changed a little bit, because at 8 am sharp, some drilling issues (please read hammer drills) started right on the street where the hotel is. So, we got up at 8 am and around 9-9:30 we were already on the way to Le Chateau 😛

Being for the first time I visit Paris, I was really impressed by the biggest palace I had in front of me. It was incredible the whole day although we walked for at least 6-7 hours.

So, we bought the tickets which were not cheap at all 🙂 and we started our tour with the King’s & Queen’s State Apartments, Hall of Mirrors and King’s chambers. It is amazing to see the luxury which surrounded The King and The Queen and some kids of them. I hope that Pedro will be able soon to put the pictures we made in our gallery, so you will see what I am talking about in this post.

We also saw The Chapel in which the king prayed and assisted to the Messes. The Royal Opera can not be visited, being under restaurateur’s work for the next 20 months. Nothing so special about this Chapel, but we saw it 🙂

After that we took some history lessons in The France Gallery where we could see many portraits of important figures of France and we could hear some stories about them from our nice audio-guides borrowed at the entrance in the Palace 😛

The last thing we visited inside the Palace was Dauphin’s Apartments, the heir to the throne, where we could see again nice furniture, the same luxury I was telling about at the beginning and very nice portraits made by famous French painters of the time.

After the inside of the Palace, we went out in order to see all the famous gardens of the palace, which I had to admit that are absolutely splendid. And we walked, and we walked for more than 2 hours until we reached another part which can be visited, Marie-Antoinette’s Estate, composed form 3 things, Le Grand Trianon, Le Petit Trianon and The Domains of Marie-Antoinette.

Le Grand Trianon offered to Louis XIV some space for itself, being situated at the end of the park of Versailles. Having only white and blue porcelain it was called the Porcelain Trianon. Besides Louis XIV also Napoleon I stayed there several times.

Le Petit Trianon was “the pavillon d’agrement” for the private use of Louis XV and Madame de Pampadour 😛 In 1774, Le Petit Trianon was offered as a gift to Queen Marie-Antoinette and it became her favorite residence. Besides the buildings we visited we saw many nice places and things like the French and English Gardens, the Chapel, Queen’s Theatre, the Orangery, the Marlborought Tower, the Mill, the Farm (where we took pictures of many nice & interesting animals :P), the Guard’s House, and the Rock and the Cake or Grotto, as Frenches called it.

It was one of the nicest days spent in this honey moon and for a day I imagined my self a little Princess which lived around 1700-1800 🙂 with big dresses and nice jeweleries 🙂

I am sure that next time I will visit Paris, I will go again to Le Chateau de Versailles:)

The end of the day was very nice as well, as we met with one of our friends and with which we had a great dinner at La Fayette Concorde Restaurant. We also received a nice present, a traditional Chinese wedding present, like 2 cobalt vases with the Phoenix Bird and The Dragon on them (24 karats gold plated) :P. We thank you a lot for the very nice evening we spent together 🙂

So, this was the first and WONDERFUL day spent in Paris…

Kisses from Dobreasca…this time 🙂

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