Bye-bye Barcelona … :-(

Greetings from the lazy husband 😉

Yes it took me 2 days to pack all the things we have and this is why I write so late 😛 Actually when moving from one city to another it’s quite hard to find the time to write some things.

Now coming back to Sunday the 9th in Barcelona – we started the day quite late as we were still tired (my wife from the concert and I from packing :-P) and she started to cook a very good romanian soup (ciorba de perisoare). I have to admit that it’s a real challenge to cook some traditional dish in a different country than its origin 😀 Therefore it was just very good instead of delicious as my wife is cooking it at home 😉 So we enjoyed the soup together with Irene and then we went into the city to see Picasso Museum.

I have to admit that I thought all Picasso’s work is done in the way he is famous about, but this not true at all. We saw a lot, a lot of paintings from his early years as a painter and they are very nice and normal paintings (as far as a non-art-nor-paintings-specialist like me can tell 🙂 As he got old indeed he moved to his interesting style of dividing a picture in different shapes and then painting them … let’s say “mixed in a special and typical way” 😀

After the art infusion we hurried up to Parc Montjuic in order to catch the fountains show. I was a bit disappointed as I expected something else. To be more precise I saw some short movie going around by e-mail regarding the fountain show in Barcelona and it seemed bigger, different and I remember it being by the sea and not in the park. Maybe it was some kind of special show and I have to say that we enjoyed the one in Parc Montjuic twice as it was very good 😉 The combination of music, colors and water was very carefully planned and it came out to be a great show.

In the end we went together with Irene and Josefin at a very nice basc restaurant, right next to the Cathedral in the old part of Barcelona. The payment method here is really interesting and it goes like this: on the bar you can find all kind of food and each “dish” has a stick inside it. Dish is too much to say as usually it a small slice of bread with something on top of it (like a small sausage, or some salad, tuna and so on). There are 2 sizes of sticks and you pay in the end the number of sticks you have left on your plate. Of course they are paying a lot of attention to the tables all the time in order to spot the ones trying to get rid of some “extra” sticks 😀 In the end the food was excellent and we went back home.

The next day, on Monday we had our flight to Paris and all the day was more or less about getting to the airport in Barcelona, buying 2 sleeping pillows from the airport (very nice actually), getting to Paris and then finding the hotel in Paris. BTW – in Paris Double Room Ensuite (Private Bathroom) might mean 2 beds (almost) standing next to each-other and a shower + sink in the room (practically in the room, with nothing but a curtain around the shower bath). We were really surprised to see that the toilet is shared (damn … ) and it’s on the corridor. So be very careful when you book something in Paris, especially if it’s somehow near the center and at an affordable price 😉

I think that’s about all for now, my wife will come back with more details about Versailles and hammer drills in the morning by the hotel windows 😉

The husband

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  • Anna , Direct link to comment

    Hey!! Good to see you arrived more or less without problems to Paris! 🙂
    It was nice to have you around – and now our little private hostel has been upgraded to a honeymoon hostel 😛
    Keep us posted! 🙂

    /who just spend quite some time at work reading at your chronicles 🙂

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