Mona Lisa, La Gioconda or La Joconde?

Bon Jour from the city of lights 😉

Or is it the city of people in love? Or the city with the oldest metro and a lot of old buildings?Hmmhzz … maybe the city with a lot of bridges and interesting sights. Yeah … it’s that hard to describe Paris when you come here as a tourist. After a great day at the Versailles we took the challenge to go to Louvre the next day (Wednesday the 12th). And in order to make it even more difficult and tiering we started on top of Chapms-Elysees with L’Arc de Triomphe and then walked down on the most known avenue in Paris all the way to the Louvre museum. This walk took us quite long as there are a lot of famous shops and you know … 😀

At some point we passed La Place de Concorde and then the Tuileries Gardens finalizing with the biggest museum of France (I suppose, because I was really impressed about what’s inside). We went inside the glass Pyramid and found a huge hall with 4 entries and we took some info flyer. When we asked how much time we need for all the museum they told us 4-5 days and to be honest I didn’t believe that person from the info-desk. But then we walked inside and well … it’s absolutely huge, you can easily get lost inside and there are a lot, a lot of things to see, from Egyptian mummies to the famous painting of Leonardo Da Vinci, La Gioconda, or the beautiful Venus.

What can I say … we managed to “run” for some hours and maybe we saw a quarter of everything, but we really just saw the things there without having time to listen the audio descriptions or to read everything written on info panels. I think that this museum it’s a must-see only to have an idea on how big a museum can be and especially for people loving art, culture diversity and history.

At the end of the day we were totally wasted and we bought a roasted chicken, some potatoes and we ate until we felt down and slept until next morning at 8:00 when the hammer drills started all over again 😉

Au revoir et a domain!

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