Lazy day in Paris…

Hello everybody,

Because I was a little bit lazy, I did not have the time to tell you the things we did on September 13th. But I will try to remember now what we did 😉

So, we got up at 8:00 am sharp (like everyday – you know … the drilling stuff), we had our little breakfast and we stayed in our room until 1:00 pm, letting Pedro work. I hope it will be the last working activity of his in this honey moon, so we could enjoy it at maximum 🙂
But, now let’s continue…

We decided to leave our room and we went to see the City Hall (Hotel de Ville) we took some pictures and walked towards The Pompidou Centre and we saw a strange fountain with some Neo Art sculptures 🙂 After that we found some shops from which I bought many nice things like trousers, shirts, sweaters 🙂 and at very good prices as well. So, another hour spent on shopping in Paris.
We continued with another square called Place de Saint Eustache where we saw a big head with a big hand in front of it, as tall as maybe 2.5 meters 🙂 there we saw many interesting things ans people.

Next stop it was Le Cathedrale de Notre Dame where we were impressed again, I would say of the immensity of Catholic churches and cathedrals. After some time spent there we wanted to see Le Tour Eiffel, so we went there by metro. But when we arrived at the entrance we saw a really BIGGGGG queue, so no chance to see the sunset from the tower. That’s why we decided to go some other time. But the time it was only 7:00 pm and we had so many things to see in Paris.

So, we went to visit “Le Latin District” where we knew form our friend Thomas we could find nice restaurants with good food at affordable prices. But before going to eat, we visited The famous university, Le Sorbone, and also the Pantheon which were really nice as well. But the hunger convinced us to go and find some restaurant and some food 🙂
We finally arrived on Le Rue de la Huchette where there were many, many restaurants with different “cuisines”. And although my dear and beloved husband wanted to enter in a greek restaurant I tried to tell him that we are in France, so it will be nicer to try some French cuisine. And we did found a nice and cozy restaurant, where we had great food, nice French wine and very good Creme Brullee 🙂 which, by the way, is really good and please try it if you go to France.

And of course after such a good meal, we just wanted to get at our smelly hostal and have a niceee sleep, because at 8:00 am next day we would get up again 🙂

That was almost all 😛 we did yesterday in Paris.

See you and take care,
The wife 🙂

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