Halara, halara …


It seems that the more we are approaching the end of our excellent honey-moon the lazy we become 😀 Yesterday we had a relaxing day in this nice city. We first went to see Place de la Bastille. I expected to have some old walls there and so on, but actually there is a big new-building called the Opera (one of the many operas in Paris :-D) as the walls and everything were destroyed quite some time ago.We then walked towards Place des Vosges where Victor Hugo lived for some years and we actually went inside the museum. It was really interesting to see a lot of pictures from his funerary when all the France was very sad. A lot of people gathered on Champs Elysees and so on. We also enjoyed half an hour on the grass from the nice Place des Vosges, where a lot of teenagers and people were siting and relaxing. I think it’s better to have a session of “group-relaxing” instead of being alone 😀

After coming back to life we took the bus and went down at Odeon Theater, quite big and also famous. Just behind it we found the “posh” Louxembourg Jardins where we had something to eat and also laid down on some chairs for maybe more than one hour. There was this small lake with a lot of ducks and a kid had a “speed-boat” toy that he used to scare the ducks 🙂 It was really funny and enjoyable 😉

As it was around 16:30 already we decided to go up to the Montmaitre district and we went in a very small park where “I love you” is written in all languages. Thank you very much Thomas for the guidance in Paris! It was really useful 😉 After that we went up with the Funicular de Montmaitre up to the Sacre Coeur. Unfortunately it was quite late and we couldn’t go on top of it, but anyway the views from there are really nice. Very close by there is an area with a lot of people from Morocco, Senegal and other african countries so we went there just to feel a bit like in those countries. I must admit that it was really interesting as we were almost all the time the only white people around, but it was quite safe and we didn’t have problems at all. Then we realized that we are also very close to home and Moulin Rouge, so we went to see the famous street, took some pictures and then walked back to our “hotel” (it was something like 15 minutes walk, so we could say that we stayed in Paris next to Moulin Rouge :-P).

In the end of the day we met our “virtual” guide – Thomas and his sister – and we went in a nice part of Paris to go out by night – Mabillon. As it was Friday night everything was full, but in the end we found a place to stay – Le Bonaparte – a nice brasserie, but very expensive in my opinion (a large beer was 11 Euros and Thomas didn’t let us pay for it … grrr. So next time you come to Romania we will prepare something special for you, so beware :-P).

As you can see it’s Saturday around 12:40 and we are still in the room, so again lazy 😀 Anyway the sun just appeared from the clouds so we’ll hurry up to see some more of Paris as today it’s the last day 😉

Au revoir!
Le Dobrescu’

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