Au revoir et a bientot Paris…

It is my “responsibility” to talk about the last day spent in “the city of lights” how my beloved husband called Paris.
So, because it was a Saturday and our French friends workers had a free day, we could sleep a little bit more, but no later than 9:30 am because we didn’t want to skip the breakfast 🙂

After it, we went in the room and spent some time there, being very lazy and without any adventure spirit. But, finally we left the hostal decided to go and see the Opera and after that to climb the Eiffel Tower. On the way to the Opera we reached some C&A shop from where we bought many nice sweaters for Pedro in particular…this time:) So, another hour spent shopping 🙂

Next stop, after the shopping session, was indeed The Opera which unfortunately was closed for some concerts and stuff and we could not visited it. Maybe next time in Paris 🙂 And, because we had a big bag with clothes with us, we thought it will be much better to climb the Tower without them, so, we went back to the smelly room and dropped them there 😛

In the end, we reached the Eiffel Tower with a very LOOOONNNNGGGGG queue for the entrance tickets. We could say we spent there more than 4 hours, taking queues to buy tickets, to take the elevators to go up in the top floor, to take some nice pictures with the views and the susnset (crowded place up there ;P), to go down and to exit from the big and nice Tower. These were the worst parts of visiting it. Let me now present to you the wonderful parts.

After we reached the elevator, we climbed to the second floor, 125 m high, where the view of Paris was absolutely incredible. We could see Trocadero square, the Arch of Triumph, Notre Dame cathedral, Sacre Coeur cathedral, Invalides Domme, La Defense district, with all the sky-scrapers, Montparnasse Tower and many many more.

With the next elevator we reached the top floor, more than 270 m high from where we could not see all the monuments mentioned above 🙂 (Yes, because of the hight). But still, the view over Paris was incredible, especially when the sun went down and all the night lights turned on. Starting with 9:00 pm, the Tower is lightened with many small white lights for 10 minutes every hour and the view is very very nice. So, after many photo sessions in the Tower we went down and had a very nice dinner at the restaurant from the ground level of our hostal (this one is really good compared with the four floors above it, representing Hotel Le Parisien :-P) with the same rose French wine, Cotte de Provence, 2006, some “moules” and lamb cooked in Morocco way. Really good and nice 🙂

So, finally, around 0:00 we were already in the smelly room and prepared to sleep for no more than 3 hours and a half, because our flight to Rome was very early in the morning.

But, until we’ll write our memories from Italy, we can say that we enjoyed very much the week spent in Paris and definitely we’ll be there again.

Kisses from both of us, and “write” you from our next and last stop, Rome.

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  • Bob , Direct link to comment

    I managed to read all your posts. Congrats on a well planned, adventurous honey moon. I just came back yesterday night from Oslo and I was wondering where the heck you guys are and what were the chances that we could meet on an airport or such :). Have a good night 3h sleep and a nice flight to Rome. We are expecting you home, whenever you ran out of money 🙂 for a nice beer in the neighborhood. Kisses from Dragomirestii

  • Pedro , Direct link to comment

    Ciao Bob!

    I just now saw that you had an unapproved comment 😛
    We are fine, a bit sad on one side because tomorrow we’ll be back home, but on the other hand we are happy to return home and see all our friends again 😉

    See you soon at some beers in the neighborhood !

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