A happy day in Barcelona :)

Yesterday, on September 8th I had many reasons to be happy and more than happy.
The first one I will talk about it is our first year celebration. Yes, last year in the same day, Pedro proposed to me to marry him and I said YES with all my mind and soul 🙂 I love you, Pedro, very much and I am really glad to be your wife.

So, now I will tell you something about the only place we visited yesterday in the wonderful city of Barcelona. Yes, indeed, because we were a little more tired, we decided to get a nice sleep in the morning and to have not a very busy day (we are also preparing for Paris :)). So, for the half of the day it was Park Guell by Antonio Gaudi where we could see the big blue dragon from the entrance, the 2 little houses from the entrance in the park, which they really looked like the ones from fairy tells :), the big terrace supported by many many columns, the Gaudi house museum and all the things related to Antonio Gaudi and his work.

And because with a day before we saw on the streets some adds with the concert of Chayanne and because I like his songs very much we went to buy 2 tickets for the evening. And because these 2 tickets were more as a gift for me, Pedro doesn’t like this guy very much or his music, I asked Irene to come with me instead of Pedro. And she accepted and we really enjoyed the time spent there.
The concert was really well organized with a very good sound and nice lights shows. And of course, Chayanne and his band made a great show. The thing that I never saw at a concert was the way he pleased the audience and the way he thanked for the applauses and Ole’s, cause we are in Spain 🙂 I felt very good and as well Irene and I was really glad she accepted my invitation.

So, definitely, we had a great day yesterday and some more to come about Barcelona later from my husband 🙂

The wife_not helping_the husband_packing 🙂

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