Day 10 - Save Soil

Day 10 – The Mother of all

Similarities, symbiosis, transformation, healing, vital force, unconditional love, LIFE!
Everything is connected, everything exists in its form that we perceive for a reason.
Sometimes we might understand, sometimes we might not, but still, things are happening with a certain purpose both at micro and macro levels.
What is happening now with the Planet is not a coincidence for all of us that are (still) alive. It is a damn good reason for this. Are we interested in finding out what it is? Are we using our freedom, peace, and time in such a manner that we questioned our decisions, our needs, our thought, or our judgments or tolerances?

The birth of Darie, here in Brazil, was an amazing experience. One of his wonderful gifts offered to us was the placenta, which we all had the opportunity to see, feel, touch, explore, smell, and thank for doing this amazing job inside my body.

Brazil is a special place for our family. We are here for the third time and all our three children have a unique connection with this place. Yet we do not fully understand this connection, but we all want and feel that Brazil is part of our “home”.

I am sure all of you spotted the connection between this post, images, and the #SaveSoil movement!

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