Back in Barcelona

While browsing through very old posts, I just realized that there are exactly 3 years since we visited together the beautiful city of Barcelona for the first time. Actually we’ve been here 2 years ago as well, thanks to the trip that we won from MaiMultVerde (thanks again! 😉 ).

The city hasn’t changed a lot, maybe some more bricks at Sagrada Familia and some interesting buildings near the port.

Strangely enough, Christofor is showing the same direction as he did 3 years ago 🙂

This time we rented an apartment close to Placa Reial in order to be closer to the city center. And we’re actually too close as the area is quite noisy at night having two pubs at the ground floor. The small streets and the tall buildings create a strange echo effect that places you almost inside the pub.

As for our holiday – it’s been quite ok so far, Nadia left the flue at home and she’s much happier now, starting to grab more and more things (including mom’s hair) and making happy sounds after she wakes up. She’s even starting to explain us different stuff and the mimics help her a lot 😀


Check out some pics, with promises that more of them will come after we start recovering our sleep hours and really enter holidays schedule 🙂

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  • Florena , Direct link to comment

    Aratati foarte bine toti trei – ma uit din cand in cand sa vad ce mai faceti, iar Ingrid e incantata, mai ales cand sunt poze cu Nadia. Uitati de oboseala – recuperati la Bucuresti. Iar Nadia va fi foarte mandra peste ani, cand va vedea unde a fost la patru luni. Va spun din experienta cu Ingrid. Poate ajungeti si in Gibraltar, ar merita, daca tot sunteti in zona. Si nu ratati pestele in Jerez de la Frontera si in jur.

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