Life, life, life

Dear all,

We just got back from our usual dancing lessons and I’ll let myself make a break here 🙂 For those who don’t know yet we are taking dancing lessons here with a very nice couple of trainers, who are making us to work very hard and come back home really exhausted 😀 But we don’t complain …  we can’t complain, otherwise we’ll be kicked out of there 😉 And besides that it’s a very good exercise for us as most of the times we are not making any sports or movement at least 9 hours/day at our jobs (ok, you’re right … we need to go to toilet from time to time).

Other than that we are quite fine, trying to buy a piece of land near Bucharest (you can find a map of it here ) and we’re struggling with everything that comes with that (if you bought something like this recently you should know 😉 ).  Hopefully in two years we’ll manage to build a little house and move over there and trying then to build the “real” house :-D  Ok don’t think about a palace now, but at least a small swimming pool for the sauna must be inside 😉

Yes we are fully aware that you are waiting for pictures from the wedding and actually I am uploading some of them right now. With some luck at the end of this week you’ll have some things to see already and for sure we’ll announce all those we don’t have on RSS 😉

See you soon!

P.S. If we see some comments here we’ll write more often, so please help us get out of this shitty-lame-lazy mood we’re in for some time 😀

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