Mallorca’s amasing sights

Dear all,

It’s been a while since we last wrote something, but this is because we were traveling in the past days 😀
But let me continue from where my dear wife left it … on our last full day in Mallorca we took the challenge to have the great tour of the island (that means bus, boat, tram and train).

First we went by bus to see a nice monastery in the north-west of the island and we met in the bus two nice Romanians from Bucharest, Valentin and Anelise. The monastery was quite in the middle of nowhere and this is what made it more special. I thought that would be the main attraction of the excursion and I was quite disappointed as it wasn’t something very very special.

But then we left from the monastery and the real thing began … I have to say that I have never seen such beautiful sights between the mountains and the sea. The road was unbelievable, only 180 degrees curves, you could see the whole road (called snake-road) from the top of the mountains, combined with some strange looking vegetation and also the sea in the back of the whole picture. I have to say again … amazing! The driver was amazing as well, because this road is truly some piece of art for a bus-driver to finalize it so fast and with no problems 😉

After quite a long drive among these valleys and mountains we managed to reach the sea level and we went swimming on a beach at the end of a canyon. The sight was excellent, the water very very clear and also very warm 😉 Then we went on a boat and had a ride on the clearest water possible. In the end we reached a harbor from where we took a tram, very old and noisy, but funny in it’s way 😀

We reached after a while the end of the tram lines and we went to see a Picasso exposition (imagine that there were no paints, but only ceramics made by the same artist) which was very nice and interesting. After some time we went on the train and we stayed at a chat during the whole trip together with Vali and Anelise. After a lot of tunnels and not-interesting sights we reached some place where the bus picked us up and took us back to El Arenal.

In the evening we met again Vali and Anelise and we went for a big Sangria jar, drank with very long and funny straws. The evening was quite short as we were very tired from this one-day-long trip.

More to come very soon as my wife will take over the buttons 😛
See ya!
El Dobrescu’

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