Infusion with Spanish feelings…

The first day of autumn started and after all ended with an infusion of Spanish atmosphere and the feelings were absolutely great.
After 1 or maybe 2 hours, as probably my husband would say 🙂 of sun burn we went to visit Palma town. We knew from our guide that Palma is not a very big city because the total number of habitants is around 400.000. So we decided to spend no more than 4 hours visiting it.
During this time, we visited many churches, the Arabians Baths, Il Park del Mar (a nice park near the sea with many palm trees and a lot of grass), many squares and the biggest and most beautiful cathedral I ever saw with Gothic architecture. The view was spectacular 🙂 And the nicest thing I saw in Palma were the Spanish houses with interior yards, with steps and balconies…all that Spanish things you can only see in old movies with Spanish people. I imagined myself living long time ago in that type of houses 🙂

After this little trip to Palma, we came back to the hotel and prepare ourselves for the most grandiose Spanish show, as the locals presents it, SON AMAR dinner&show since 1963.
So, around 7:15 pm, the boss of the traveling agency with which we took all the trips during this week, Fredy, came to the hotel to pick us up in order to take us to Son Amar restaurant. He was a very interesting catalan guy, tall and handsome 🙂 After 15 minutes of driving in Schumacher style with Freddy, we arrived to the restaurant where a nice lady with a beautiful white horse waited us at the entrance.
Fredy took us to our table and leaved us there to enjoy the show and to meet him after it outside in order to take us back to the hotel.
The show was incredible, especially the flamenco dances and dancers. Besides flamenco moments, we saw some cabaret ballet, some modern ballet with absolutely fantastic costumes, we heard some guys from South Africa sang, which by the way, excited to the maximum some Spanish ladies around 50 :), and another guy from America who thought himself a little Ray Charles:). We even saw an illusionist and a comediant which made us laugh big time:)

And of course the dinner which was a nice one, with a very good red wine:) After the show ended, we went out and saw another show where the protagonists were 4 beautiful white Andalusian horses which made some nice tricks during 15 minutes. In the very end, we saw a water fountain show with classic music, which was absolutely spectacular.

So, we had a full day and a wonderful evening in Palma. If you decide to visit Palma, don’t miss Son Amar show. It really worths!

Until my husband will tell you about today, September 2nd, I kiss you all,
Dobreasca 🙂

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