Enjoying the beautiful city of Barcelona

Dear friends,

I will continue our story with my impressions about the beautiful city of Barcelona, which is really amazing!

So, we got up yesterday around 11:00 and after a round of laundry and a nice breakfast, we put our sandals and we started our journey in Barcelona with Pedro as a guide 🙂 The first very interesting thing we visited was a hospital, Hospital de la Santa Creu i de Sant Pau with a very nice architecture, quite close to our dear friend’s home, Irene & Anna.

We took some pictures of the impressive entrance door and building and after that I turned my head in the opposite direction and I saw the eight towers of…the most interesting and impressive cathedral I ever saw, Temple de la Sagrada Familia.

So, we start walking on Avinguda de Gaudi and finally we reached the Big Temple which is under construction as you know, for more than 125 years. About the time needed for the construction to be finished once Gaudi said “The patron of this project is not in a hurry” 😛 and probably he was sure about it.

After maybe 2 hours spent at Sagrada Familia, me staying in a very long queue for a ride with the elevator in one of the towers and Pedro taking pictures of everything it was for visiting in the temple and under it we decided to leave the temple and continue our ride in Barcelona. And because it was planed to have a half day all for bath in the sea and laying in the sun, we took the straight way to the sea side, and we finally reached the beach called Barceloneta.

After 2 more hours, we decided to go home, because the weather was very windy and chili. So we arrived home and started to prepare something for dinner and we waited for the girls to come home. Because Irene had a different program, only Anna joined us to the hottest dinner we prepared 🙂 The dinner was really nice, Anna telling us a lot of funny stories about her holidays in Germany and we expressed our impressions about Palma and German people we met there:)

And around 11 pm I felt asleep on the couch and I don’t know anything else 🙂

Keep in the touch because today it will be a full day for us:)

Kisses from Dobrestii from Barcelona

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