The second day in Palma …

Olaa chicos!

The second day in Palma is almost finished and so are we 😀 As I was saying, yesterday we slept almost all day, last night we went early to bed and in the morning we were really fresh 😉 After some really nice breakfast (the food here is great!) we went to the sea (about 50m away from the hotel :-P) and spent some hours there. The water is absolutely great – clean, warm, calm – and this is the best sand I saw so far. [singlepic=377,350,250,right] When it became really hot we went to see Palma Aquarium and we were really amazed … I think I took about 500 pictures, until my batteries went dead 😀 There was more things to see and take pictures of, therefore I continued by using the mobile phone (ok, not the same quality, but at least we have some photos of sharks 😀 ). We spent more than 2 hours in there and then we came back to El Arenal (the place where our hotel is) and now we’re waiting for the dinner (again very good food).

I think tonight we’ll stay in the hotel as we’d like to go to the Aqua Park tomorrow 😉

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