The end of the second day in Palma…

During the time my dear and beloved husband wrote his impressions about the second day in Palma, I went alone to the sea side, to take a bath in the beautiful sea it exists here and I made some friends, a nice family of Spanish people with a splendid little girl of 4-5 years old. She kept playing with her mammy all the time and from time to time she was kissing her father.
It is amazing how life can change when you become parent. I hope I will see them again tomorrow because all 3 of them were adorable:)

Now, I leave you because I need to wake up my husband to see what will we do tonight:)

Kisses for all of you,
& The Wife

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  • tarzan , Direct link to comment

    ahoj Eugenie and Pedro,
    after perfectly organized wedding it seems you have now a perfect honey moon 😉 enjoy the time together!

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