Just after the end of before …

Hej again 😉

Yeah … now we’re after a bit more than one day after the legal ceremony. This means we are legally married, there are papers certifying that, we even got some kind of “family report book” where we are supposed to write down all our children (up to 7 🙂 ).

As I said before this is the first part and must admit it was a very nice experience, especially because there were quite a lot of people coming to see us. This made us very happy and I couldn’t stop smiling all the time 😀 Big thanks to all the people present there to see us signing papers and saying “DA” (YES) in front of the legal representatives!

Other than that the first feeling was that nothing has changed, but when I’m thinking deeper about what just happened yesterday I realize that this was the most important “DA” of my life 😀 I also have a great happiness feeling combined with a sensation of relieve and I really enjoy it 😉 it’s very hard to explain the feelings I had starting with a few hours before and until now; I can only recommend you the same. If you are able to extract just the FUN out of it and forget quickly the “not-so-good-parts” it will definitely be one amassing experience! Good luck 😉

If you want to check some pictures from the event please go here (until we upload the pics on the gallery as well 😉 ):


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  • Anna , Direct link to comment


    Wow, congratulations for the wedding, for the super-cool website, for the blogs, for the IDEA to do all of this, for the pictures…
    Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us – i feel really honoured to be able to come here and get a glimpse of what is going on in your lives, read your thoughts and the comments of your friends, see the pictures (hope to see more soon though – NO!! 393 were not enough :P)
    I’ll be around, keep writing and sharing please! I’m so sorry that i cannot come to the party! i’m sure it’ll rock 🙂

    Anyway see you in Barcelona then soon, right? 🙂

    /after checking the pictures i have one question: how many flowers can one person hold?

  • Pedro , Direct link to comment

    What can we say – we are trying our BEST 😉 We’re very happy that you like it and we’ll try to keep you posted about everything.

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