Living on a boat

Yesterday we had the great opportunity to come to Eforie Nord (a Black Sea station with a great beach and a small private harbor) on the greatest yacht I ever seen. It’s huge, it’s very comfortable and I would never leave it …

Today we went for a “ride” around the Romanian Black Sea coast, but unfortunately the wind was actually no wind… Nevertheless the trip was absolutely excellent 😉 almost everybody got some sun-burns and we enjoyed it a lot! Tomorrow we’ll go fishing 😀 Yummy!!

We were making plans to go to Medgidia (the city near where Eugenia’s parents live) in order to make a request for a new ID card for her (she is supposed to do it 2 weeks after the marriage). Well … after we saw the boat we couldn’t leave it anymore and we are still here and probably stay until the end of the week-end 😉 If you ever have the opportunity – don’t miss it!

We’ll soon put some pictures online … check the gallery somewhere next week 😉

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