Ice breaker

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I am Marius, one of the lucky wedding participants this last weekend, and thinking that Pedro and Eugenia are recovering, writing e-mails, sending envelopes, maybe packing for the honey moon, I decided I should write a little post.

First of all, I want to thank the groom and bride for a beautiful time spent in Bucharest during the days before the wedding and of course the day after, I would like to congratulate them again, and also, I would like to tell the ones who weren’t here that they missed a great event, in honour of two great persons.

I had fun, and I can name a few of the people there who had also lots of fun and a great time. This being said, I’m waiting for the gallery to be populated with lots and lots of beautiful pictures of the two & guests, and I don’t hope, I know they will have an incredible honeymoon, and we love you guys.

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  • Pedro , Direct link to comment

    Dear Marius,

    Thanks a lot for this post and for the nice words you wrote 😉 We are now almost recovered, but you’ll read more in the next posts 😉

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