Day 21- Save Soil

Day 21 – What can we do to Save Soil?

Today I was watching LIVE Sadhguru’s event in Bucharest. And of course, as in other places where he was before he had to answer this question: What can we do to Save Soil?
It is so simple and so powerful at the same time: To write and send a letter/e-mail to the Prime Minister of our country in which we express our concern about the quality of the soil.

It will work? YES, it will because:

  1. Soil health needs supportive policies in every nation!
  2. Policies need people’s support!
  3. People’s support needs awareness!

Let’s make it happen! TOGETHER!

Action now:
Namaskaram Sadhguru!

#JourneyForSoil – #ConsciousPlanet – #SaveSoil – #Sadhguru

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