Country life…

This week-end we were traveling about 65 km away from Bucharest to one of Eugenia’s aunts (she has quite a lot of relatives 😀 ). We reached this place pretty fast and I was very soon feeling so relaxed and relieved that I couldn’t believe it. This is probably because we were away from the heat and crowds from the city (especially in Bucharest), the small village was very peaceful and her aunt is amazing 🙂 I just want to describe her a bit as she is very funny and also a great person. Imagine her as a quite small country-side lady, with a gray curly hair and very fast in everything that she does. Yeah she speaks extremely fast (like people from the southern part of the country, Oltenia) she moves very fast around the house in the yard and the best thing is when the tells stories or memories of different situations she’ s been through 😀

Ahh I felt so good there and I was sleeping until 11:30, while in Bucharest at 8:30 our  “nice” neighbor from above starts throwing things on the floor, makes a lot of noise and it’s impossible to sleep anymore… That’s the life when you’re living in a block of flats in Bucharest 🙁

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