A great trip today !

Published by pedro 31.08.2007 - 20:45 in Wedding

Hola amigos!

Today we went for a trip organized by a local travel agency – Fredy Tours. We started by visiting a very nice jewels and pearls factory near Palma (called Algaida). Of course we didn’t leave empty-handed from there as my wife really got something very beautiful (pearls of course) and the price was more than fair. We then went to Manacor in order to visit a nice olive-wood handcrafts factory. All the things made of wood could be found here. We got some olives sticks, really nice and useful 😉 After that we went on the beautiful beach of Cala Millor, with a lot of waves and a great water (warm and clear). We stopped in Porto Cristo for lunch and we had a mallorcan soup, which was actually more like a cabbage dish with some bread on the bottom of the plate, sunk in some kind of a soup. But it was very tasty in my opinion 😉

After that “la piece de resistance” came: Coves del Drach (Caves of Drach). The caves are absolutely amazing and we were really astonished by what we saw in there. Besides all the wonderful shapes created by the nature and all the excellent lights inside, we had the privilege to benefit from a live mini-concert done directly on the lake. As far as they said the lake inside is one of the biggest underground lakes and believe me that I have never seen such a clear water. The lake was 9 meters deep and you could see very clear the bottom of the lake. At the end of the concert we had a short boat ride on the lake and it was just the perfect way of ending this excellent experience.

Therefore – if you ever go to Palma – don’t miss these caves, they’re just great!

After the caves we also had a small stop in a distillery where we god free samples of liquor 😀 So we arrived back to the hotel very pleased and happy 😉


A splendid day in AQUALAND Mallorca

Published by Eugenia 30.08.2007 - 19:53 in Wedding

Being one of the biggest water parks in Europe and in Spain, we decided to go to see it and to have some fun. And we can say we had huge amounts of fun:)
It was amazing to try all kind of nice and interesting things, like anaconda or crazy race, or multi pistas or black hole or rapidos, surf beach.
For me it was more interesting, being the first time in a real aqua park. I was scared at the beginning, but after some rounds, I kept on asking Pedro to go again and to do it again.
But I didn’t try kamikaze. It was really cool to see other people doing it, but for me…nooo. Soon, we will post the pictures we took these days and you will be able to see Pedro’s happiness. Meanwhile you can check their web site.

Keep in touch 😉

The end of the second day in Palma…

Published by Eugenia 29.08.2007 - 21:28 in Wedding

During the time my dear and beloved husband wrote his impressions about the second day in Palma, I went alone to the sea side, to take a bath in the beautiful sea it exists here and I made some friends, a nice family of Spanish people with a splendid little girl of 4-5 years old. She kept playing with her mammy all the time and from time to time she was kissing her father.
It is amazing how life can change when you become parent. I hope I will see them again tomorrow because all 3 of them were adorable:)

Now, I leave you because I need to wake up my husband to see what will we do tonight:)

Kisses for all of you,
& The Wife

The second day in Palma …

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Olaa chicos!

The second day in Palma is almost finished and so are we 😀 As I was saying, yesterday we slept almost all day, last night we went early to bed and in the morning we were really fresh 😉 After some really nice breakfast (the food here is great!) we went to the sea (about 50m away from the hotel :-P) and spent some hours there. The water is absolutely great – clean, warm, calm – and this is the best sand I saw so far. [singlepic=377,350,250,right] When it became really hot we went to see Palma Aquarium and we were really amazed … I think I took about 500 pictures, until my batteries went dead 😀 There was more things to see and take pictures of, therefore I continued by using the mobile phone (ok, not the same quality, but at least we have some photos of sharks 😀 ). We spent more than 2 hours in there and then we came back to El Arenal (the place where our hotel is) and now we’re waiting for the dinner (again very good food).

I think tonight we’ll stay in the hotel as we’d like to go to the Aqua Park tomorrow 😉

Keep in touch!

Recovering in Palma …

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Ola everybody,

First of all big thank you for all of you present to the wedding! We really hope that you enjoyed it at least as much as we did 😉

I’ll be very short as we are still recovering after the great party we had on Saturday 😀 So … wedding day – wake up at 7, get dressed, start doing traditions, eat, dance, drive, in a hurry, church, a lot of people, church, hot, a lot of flashes (from photos), very nice ceremony, impressive singing from our god-father, a lot of kisses, hot outside, flowers, drive again, party place, a lot of people, champagne, a lot of kissing again, green, grass, not so hot anymore, presents, pictures, a lot of pictures, more pictures, food for everybody, drinking water, first dance, extremely nervous (both), a lot of applause (thank you :-D), everybody dance, more food for everybody, more water for us, stolen bride, negotiation, bride recovered, stolen groom, Simply the BEST, recovered groom, more pictures, more food, more water, chicken dance, big and very tasty cake, people leaving (:-(), taxis, more people leaving, more taxis, pictures, taxis, more water, cookies, taxis, all people left, party over, first food for us, presents unpacking, astonished&amazed by presents (thank you all again!!), sleep (2h), waken up by the rain (thank you God for the best weather we could ask for), more rain, more heavy rain, brunch, more rain, presents + parents transportation at home, more presents taken at home, more rain, delivery of presents from us some participants, going for some drinks, back home, parents left, recovered pictures from photographers (almost 3000 :-D) and finally sleep (~8h).
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